The Stanhope House is one of the most prestigious and historically significant clubs in the country. We book experienced professionals in addition to supporting the growing local music scene by offering performance opportunities to local bands who have a strong fan base and who work hard to publicize their performances.

To be considered for a show at The Stanhope House, please email us at [email protected] and include:

  • Links to your official Social Media Page, Music page, and Website.
  • Include your name, your band’s name, phone number, and email address.
  • Tell us how you would help to advertise the event, and how many fans you anticipate to attend your show.
  • Keep in mind that if you are offered a gig at The Stanhope House, our contract will require that you do not have another local gig within 50 miles of our club two weeks before and two weeks after your performance at the Stanhope House, unless other terms are negotiated.
  • Generally, we book 6 to 8 weeks in advance.

All electronic submissions will be carefully reviewed and you will receive a response within three weeks via E-mail.


  • Do not call the club regarding booking-related matters, ALL booking is done by email, no exceptions
  • Do not send mp3 attachments to the Booking Department
  • Do not mail CDs and Press Kits to the club

Please send all booking inquiries to [email protected].

Stanhope House Production Policies

  • All Acts should submit a technical rider and stage plot at least 1 week prior to scheduled event, please submit technical information to: [email protected]
  • Headliners will be required to strike drums after sound check due to stage size
  • No gear or dead cases are permitted to be stored in the spectator area, dead cases are to be returned to your vehicle.
  • No merchandise is to be set up in the spectator area, headlining acts get first pick at their merch area, merch may be sold in the lobby only

Please feel free to contact the Production Manager at [email protected] for more information.

The Stanhope House Technical Specifications 2020

The Stanhope House incorporates two completely separate and sound-proofed performance venues. Our large, primary performance space is designated the “Roadhouse Stage,” whereas our smaller, more intimate room is designated the “Crossfire Lounge.” The building capacity is Approximately 550, including our outdoor Beer Garden.

Physical Specifications

Roadhouse Stage Crossfire Lounge
Stage Size: 25’W x 12’D x 1’H Stage Size: 12’W x 8’D x 1.5’H
Stage to FOH: Approx. 35’ Stage to FOH: Approx. 20’
Capacity: Approx. 300 Capacity: Approx. 120
FOH at Center FOH at Center

Sound Specifications

4x EAW KF-300i Mains 2x JBL PRX525 Powered Mains
- Crest Audio 7001 2-Channel Power Amp 15” Powered Sub
- Crest Audio FA2401 2-Channel Power Amp Behringer XR18 Digital Console
2x 18” JBL subs, EAW Enclosures 6 Channel Snake
- Crest Audio 8001 2-Channel Power Amp  
Midas M32 Digital Console  
Klark Teknik DN 30/30 Graphic Equalizer  
EAW MX300i Electronic Processor  
Roadhouse Stage Monitors Crossfire Lounge Monitors
4x Yamaha 15” Monitor Wegdes 2x 10” Monitor Wegdes
2x Crown PowerBase 2-Channel Power Amps  

House Backline Equipment

Drums Amps & Cabs Misc.
Pearl Export Drum Kit SWR Golliath 4x10 Bass Cab Roland 12” Keyboard Amp
22” Kick Drum Marshall 412 Guitar Cab 45x XLR Cables
12” Rack Tom Carvin 412 Guitar Cab 10x 1/4” Instrument Cables
13” Rack Tom    
16” Floor Tom    


Microphones DI Boxes
9x Shure SM58 Radial Engineering ProD2 Stereo Direct Box
4x Shure SM57 2x Live Wire SPDI Direct Box
3x Sennheiser e609 2x Whirlwind EDB1 Direct Box
2x Shure Beta 57A 2x Whirlwind IMP2 Direct Box
EV N/D868 Kick Mic Rolls Matchbox DB25 Direct Box
CAD TM112 Drum Mic Package  

Lighting Specifications

Roadhouse Stage Crossfire Lounge
4x 18” RGB LED Light Bar Uplighting 2x 18” RGB LED Light Bars
8x RGB LED Backlighting  
Chauvet Obey DMX Lighting Console